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St. Petersburg Area Chapter, Military Officers Association of America, Inc.
Published November 5, 1997, with revisions as noted.

1. PURPOSE OF THIS BOOK (Rev. October 2013)                                                                   

To provide a ready reference for the officers and members of the Chapter on the current policies under which Chapter business is conducted.  The Policy Book was developed in accordance with the authority granted by Article VI, Section 2 of the Bylaws which states:  "To meet emergency or routine business of the Chapter, the Board of Directors may delegate such powers to the Executive Committee as the Board, from time to time, may determine to be necessary, expedient, or desirable.


These policies have been developed by the actions of the officers and members of the Chapter. Additions or changes to these provisions may be proposed by any member at any Executive Committee meeting. This Policy Book requires annual approval by the Executive Committee each year after the annual installation of new officers in January  and normally occurs in February.


The Parliamentarian will maintain the Master Copy of the Policy Book. Copies will be provided to the elected officers and to any other person who requires a copy to perform assigned Chapter duties. In addition, a copy will be posted on the Chapter's website.  Review and updating will be as often as the President decides is necessary to efficiently conduct Chapter business.

4. DEFINITION OF TERMS (Rev. October 2013)

a. Articles of Incorporation: Registered with the Secretary of State of Florida, they set the basic rules under which the Chapter is founded. Any changes to them require approval by three-fourths of the membership who vote on the proposal, and at least half the eligible voting members must vote on the change. The Secretary of State must formally approve any such changes.

b. Bylaws: establish the basic rules for membership, quorums, elections, and structure of the Chapter. After the proposed changes have been published in the monthly newsletter, the by-laws may be changed by a majority of the membership present at a membership meeting.

c. Board of Directors: consists of the President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. May expend funds, authorize contracts, or incur liabilities for the Chapter by a majority vote.

d. Executive Advisory Board: six Regular Members (3 elected each year for 2 year terms) who have demonstrated great interest in the Chapter and are willing to work for the Chapter.

e. Executive Committee: consists of the members of the Board of Directors, the Executive Advisory Board, the immediate past President, those Life Members Emeritus and Past Presidents who continue to contribute substantially to the Chapter (confirmed annually), and the Chairs of standing and special committees.

f. All references to the 'Chapter" in this policy book refer to the  St. Petersburg Area Chapter, Military Officers Association of America, Inc.


Each Committee Chair is responsible for updating and submitting proposed changes to the President in the area of the "Operations Workbook" for which he/she is responsible. Included in each area is a listing of committee responsibilities, functions, and methods of operation for all members of that committee or office. The Operations Workbook is considered an official enclosure to the Policy Book and changes may not be made to either without the prior approval of the President.

6. CORRESPONDENCE (Rev. October 2013)

All official Chapter correspondence will be conducted on Chapter letterhead stationery using the Chapter Post Office Box as the return address. The Secretary will be provided with a copy of all correspondence involving Chapter business that is sent directly from another Chapter officer or committee chair to an outside party. The Secretary or other designated individual will frequently collect all mail from the Chapter mailbox and distribute it to the appropriate Chapter officer or other member.

7. MEMBERSHIP AND DUES (Rev. March 2015)

a. Members of the Chapter are required to maintain membership in MOAA. All applicants to join the Chapter must include their current MOAA membership number prior to their application being accepted for Regular or Auxiliary membership.

b. A new member who joins within the last two quarters of a calendar year will be considered a paid up member through the next calendar year.

c. To help increase chapter membership, each member is appointed as an ad hoc member to the membership committee in addition to any other office or committee assignment held.

d. Each member who brings in a new member will be entitled, as well as the new member, to a free lunch at a monthly luncheon.

e. As a tribute to the spouse’s service, a surviving spouse of a Regular Member will automatically become an Auxiliary chapter and national member (at the chapter’s expense) until December 31 of the year after the spouse’s death.

f. The surviving spouse of a Life Member Emeritus will be made a Life Auxiliary Member upon the death of the Life Member Emeritus and will not be assessed dues.

            g. A Life Member Emeritus or Life Auxiliary Member who does not maintain membership in the Military Officers Association of America as required by Article II, Section III, of the Bylaws will continue to be listed in chapter documents as an LME or LAM respectively, but will not be carried on the rolls as a chapter member.

            h. Long-time regular members and auxiliary members who become unable to renew their membership may be converted to inactive status by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. Such inactive members have no rights to vote or to hold office, but will be carried on the mailing list for the Officers Call and their names will be included in the annual membership directory.


The  St. Petersburg Area Chapter, Military Officers Association of America, is affiliated with:

a. The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) of Alexandria, VA.

b. The Florida Council of Chapters of MOAA. The Chapter will pay the amount assessed annually for each dues paying member by the Florida Council of Chapters. The exact amount is set at the annual Florida Council of Chapters state convention business meeting.


a. If possible, the Nominating Committee shall be chaired by either a past president, a Life Member Emeritus, or a Distinguished Member and shall include at least one of each of the following additional members:

(1) A Regular Member or Life Member Emeritus;

(2) An Auxiliary Member. 

            b. The names of the members of the Nominating Committee will be announced to the Chapter membership in the  April newsletter and at the  April membership meeting. The committee shall immediately begin deliberations and will report the results for approval of the Executive Committee monthly through the September meeting of the Executive Committee.

c. The Nominating Committee will submit its slate of candidates (one slate of a single candidate per elected position) to the membership by publishing it in the October issue of the newsletter. The floor will be opened for additional nominations at the October membership meeting. Nominees from the floor must indicate their willingness to perform the duties of the office to which they are being nominated by so stating at the time of their nomination, or by contacting the President prior to their name being placed in nomination. If evidence of willingness to serve is not available at the time of their nomination, they will not be placed on the ballot.

d. Ballots will be enclosed in the November newsletter, together with the return address of the Chapter. The names of the members of the Canvassing Committee will be published in the November newsletter. They will count the votes for each office and certify the results of the election at the Annual Membership Meeting in December.

e. The Oath of Office will be administered to all elected officers and newly elected Advisory Board Members at the Annual January Installation Meeting of Officers and newly elected Board members.

10. ANNUAL BUDGET (Rev. October 2013)

The President will ensure that an annual budget will be prepared upon completion of the annual membership drive (after all annual dues renewals have been collected). As a minimum, it will project and summarize the sources and amounts of incomes and expenses for the ensuing fiscal year. The President will report on the budget to the Executive Committee.

11. EXPENDITURE OF FUNDS (Rev. May 2014)

a. Expenditure Authority. Members of the Board of Directors and committee chairs are authorized to expend funds in support of the normal day-to-day operations of their areas of responsibility as set forth in this Policy Book. Unusual expenditures require prior approval of the Board of Directors.

b. Accountability. All expenditures made on account of or for the benefit of the Chapter must be supported by appropriately detailed and clearly explained vouchers or receipts. These will be submitted to the Treasurer for payment within 60 days of the time the bill was incurred.

c. The President annually will appoint a qualified person to audit the Treasurer's books in the 90-day time frame preceding the installation of a President, and to report the results to the Executive Committee.

d. An audit will be conducted anytime there is a change of chapter treasurer.


The Florida Department of Revenue has issued the Chapter a Consumer's Certificate of Exemption from Florida state sales tax. as a qualified Veteran's Organization. The chapter treasurer will ensure that the tax exempt status of the chapter is maintained current, and will provide copies of the current form to the chapter officers as the status is renewed.  To ensure the rules and limitations of this exemption are followed to the letter of Florida law, the following procedures will be followed.

a. Florida law specifies that only bills made directly to and paid directly by the Chapter may use this exemption. Expenses paid directly from an officer or member of the Chapter for the Chapter are fully taxable even though these expenses are reimbursed by the Chapter to the member who paid the bill.

b. Large recurring expenses such as Newsletter and Directory printing and mailing will be billed directly to the Chapter and the Treasurer will pay the bills by Chapter check. Prior to incurring any large nonrecurring expenses, the officer or chair representing the Chapter will clear the use of the tax exemption number with the Chapter President and pay the bill with a Chapter check issued by the Treasurer to ensure full compliance with the laws.

c.   If a member has a need to use the Consumer's Certificate of Exemption from Florida sales taxes, he or she should contact the Treasurer and request a copy.  The Treasurer will ensure that the suggested use is appropriate and that the restrictions on this use are being carefully followed.  Misuse of the certificate could result in the Chapter being penalized by having it's certification withdrawn, monetary penalty up to 200% of the tax evaded and a possible three degree felony according to Florida law.


Any member may propose that the Chapter make a small contribution from Chapter funds to meet a well defined need that serves the goals of the Chapter. All charitable contributions must be approved by a majority vote of the members of the Executive Committee present at a monthly Business Meeting.


a. Regular Member, Life Member Emeritus, or Auxiliary Member. When the Memorial Committee learns of the death of a Regular Member, Life Member Emeritus, or Auxiliary Member, it will contact the Treasurer, who will make a $50.00 donation in the name of the deceased to a fund that will be designated by the Executive Committee. The President will advise the most available survivor in the deceased's family of such action with a letter of condolence.

b. Immediate Family. The President will send a letter of condolence to a Regular Member, Life Member Emeritus, or Auxiliary Member who has lost an immediate family member. 

c. Public Figures. The Chapter President may send a memorial to the funeral of a public figure whom the President feels deserves such recognition from the Chapter.


a. The chapter shall implement that part of Article 1 in the chapter’s bylaws that states “To further the education of Service personnel” by creating and maintaining two or more Designated Scholarships of at least $25,000 each in its name with the Military Officers Association of America’s Educational Assistance Program. Funds for the Designated Scholarships shall be developed by donations solicited from chapter members, and forwarded to MOAA’s Educational Assistance Program.

b. The names of the Designated Scholarships shall be “The  St. Petersburg Area Chapter, Military Officers Association of America, Scholarship Fund I,” and “The  St. Petersburg Area Chapter, Military Officers Association of America, Scholarship Fund II.” If additional scholarships are implemented, they shall be identified by successive Roman numerals of “III,” “IV,” etc.  (The Scholarships).  

c. The Treasurer shall maintain a discrete accounting of funds received and disbursed for The Scholarships. The Treasurer shall issue a receipt to any donor who requests one.  Annually, before the end of the calendar year, the treasurer, in conjunction with the Scholarship Chair and the Database Manager, will issue a check to the MOAA Scholarship Fund at least equal to the amount of funds collected during the calendar year.  If the EC approves additional funds, they also shall be totaled in the amount sent to MOAA.  No funds designated for The Scholarships may be used for any purpose other than The Scholarships.

d. Donations to The Scholarships may be income-tax deductible for the donor. Although the chapter has not formed a separate Section 501 (c) (3) corporation for the fund, under Section 508 C (1) of the Internal Revenue Code, operating the fund in the manner outlined herein meets the requirements for it to be declared tax-exempt as if it had been incorporated. This exception is subject to annual gross contributions of no more than $5,000.

e. The Scholarship Committee shall assist the President as follows:

(1) Coordinate with the Treasurer and the Executive Committee to conduct financial solicitations for The Scholarships from chapter members.

(2) Coordinate with the Director of MOAA’s Educational Assistance Program for administration of The Scholarships.

(3) Request to MOAA Scholarships that they select recipients from our area.  However, Scholarship selection is strictly up to MOAA and there is no guarantee that local requests will be honored.  

(4) Seek to maintain communications with students who have received loans and grants from The Scholarships.

16. ADVERTISING (Rev. October 2013)

a. Advertising in any Chapter publication may be accepted from any individual or organization at the discretion of the President. No advertising will be accepted in support of any political party or candidate, or to comment on any political issue.

b. In order to protect the Chapter's Bulk Mail Permit, the President will ensure that the Post Office regulations regarding the eligibility of Special (Nonprofit) Bulk Third-Class Rate Mail are complied with fully. Close attention to US Post Office regulations regarding advertising is essential in order to protect the Chapter's right to a Bulk Mail Permit.


The Chapter annually awards medals and/or certificates to the outstanding ROTC cadets and detachments at the following high schools: Dixie Hollins, Gibbs, Boca Ciega and Admiral Farragut Academy in order to encourage student participation in the ROTC Program.

18. SPEAKERS (Rev. March 2014)

Chapter members will not be used as speakers to Chapter functions on matters that could be construed as materially advantageous to the speaker.

MOAA as an organization, does not support candidates, but only deals with elected officials.  Therefore, in keeping with this practice, and to avoid an appearance of impropriety, no candidate or candidates for office will be allowed to address the chapter.  If a candidate attends a luncheon or other meeting, no special recognition will be afforded that candidate.

The May luncheon of each year is designated as the Chapter Memorial Service for departed chapter members and spouses.  Therefore, there will be no speaker at that luncheon.

The September luncheon falls on the same day as National POW/MIA Recognition Day, and any speaker obtained for that monthly luncheon will, with all possible efforts, be in the vein of POW/MIA recognition.  there will be a small Chapter ceremony to recognize our POWs and MIAs.


The Florida Council of Chapters of MOAA allocates the allowed number of delegates to its annual convention according to the number of Regular Members in the Chapter on December 31st of the previous year. The President will appoint the Chapter delegates, giving the Board of Directors first choice, followed by the immediate past president and will announce the names of the delegates to the Board and the membership via the Officer's Call. After the convention, the President will apprise the Executive Committee of those delegates who carried out their functions at the convention. Such delegates will be reimbursed the lesser amount of $100 or  actual expenses, using the most direct route to the convention.  Expenses exceeding $100 may be submitted through the Treasurer to the Board for approval.


The President may either attend the MOAA National Business Meeting as a Chapter representative or appoint an interested member of the Chapter to attend as the Chapter representative. The Chapter representative will be reimbursed the lesser amount of $100.00 or   actual expenses, using the most direct route to the meeting.  Expenses exceeding $100 may be submitted through the Treasurer to the Board for approval.  One representative may be so designated each year.



A copy of the Chapter Directory will be given to each Regular and Auxiliary Member for personal use. Chapter policy forbids providing anyone a Directory for use as a commercial or political mailing list, or as a telephone contact list.


The St. Petersburg Area Chapter, Military Officers Association of America, Incorporated, is a corporation not for profit organized and existing under the Laws of the State of Florida by a Certificate of Incorporation filed on the 13th day of February 1960, as shown by the records of the Secretary of State of Florida. It must renew its active status each year by filing a Corporation Annual Report and paying the renewal fee by July 1st. The Chapter  Treasurer  will file this report and maintain the Report File,  listing the names and addresses of the current officers as well as the name and home address of the Registered Agent.  The President of the Chapter will be filed as the Registered Agent. The Treasurer will write a check to pay the annual fee that accompanies the Report. The President will have custody of the original copies of the Articles of Incorporation and the Annual Certification Receipt.

23. CHAPTER AWARDS COMMITTEE (Rev. January 2016)

The Awards Committee shall consist of at least three Life Members Emeritus who have been active within the last 12 months in activities such as service in elective or appointive Chapter positions, attendance at Chapter luncheons, and participation in Executive Committee meetings.

The Awards Committee shall recommend nominations, if appropriate, to the Executive Committee for Life Members Emeritus and Distinguished Members using the guidelines that follow, and shall make such recommendations in time for the Executive Committee to arrange appropriate presentation of approved awards at the annual Installation Meeting.

            a. Life Member Emeritus.  Life Member Emeritus is the highest honor the Chapter can award one of its members. No more than one candidate may be nominated in any calendar year. Furthermore, because of the honor associated with this award, there is no expectation that a candidate must be nominated each and every year. The minimum qualifications a member must meet before being considered for this award include the following:

                        (1) Must have been a Regular Member or Auxiliary Member of the Club for at least 8 years.

                        (2) Must be listed for at least eight years in the Chapter’s written records showing assignment to a position in any of the following chapter leadership groups: the Board of Directors; the Executive Board; or one or more of the chapter’s committees.

                        (3) Must have performed faithfully and effectively in each elected or appointed position.

            b. Distinguished Member. The Distinguished Member award may be granted to individuals in one of two categories:

                        (1) For “long and faithful service” to the Chapter for Members and Auxiliary Members who have faithfully and consistently contributed to the Chapter for 8 or more years; or

                        (2) For "meritorious and noteworthy service" to the Chapter for Members and Auxiliary Members who have served less than 8 years but have had an exceptionally positive impact on the Chapter and its goals through their work on a specific project.

                                    (a) The DM award may be granted to no more than two individuals per year.

                                    (b) A Member or Auxiliary Member may receive a DM award only once.

                                    (c) Life Members Emeritus are ineligible for this award.

                                    (d) Members of the Board of Directors are ineligible until one year after they complete their term in office.

The Awards Committee also shall determine whether to recommend to the Executive Committee an individual for the "St. Petersburg Area Chapter's (year) MOAA Award for Exceptionally Distinguished Service." Any individual that the Awards Committee considers for this award must have performed exemplary service in connection with one or more of the eight purposes listed in the Bylaws. The Awards Committee's written report must demonstrate that such service was above and beyond that which would be expected of any patriotic American. A nominee for this award may be, but does not have to be, on the rolls of the Chapter or of MOAA.


The President of the St. Petersburg Military Officers’ Wives Club will be offered an ex-officio seat on the Chapter's Executive Committee.  The president may appoint a representative to attend Executive Committee meetings, if so desired.  The president and her escort will be recognized at the annual Installation of Officers Banquet as guests of the Chapter.

25. HONORARY MEMBERS (Rev.  October 2013)

Officers filling the following positions shall be honorary members of the Chapter and should be invited annually to speak at a Chapter luncheon:

a. Commanding General, Army Reserve Medical Command, Pinellas Park.

b. Commander, 6th Air Mobility Wing, MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa.

c. Commander, 6th Medical Group, MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa.

d. Sector Commander, Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg.
e. Commanding Officer,  Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater.

26. BULK MAIL (Rev. February 2018)

The Chapter is authorized the use of the current special bulk third class mail rates as a non-profit organization. PS Form 3624 (July 1980) was submitted on March 6, 1985, and approved by the Postmaster on March 15, 1985. The authorization is held by the Chapter Treasurer. It applies only to bulk mail at the U.S. Post Office Bulk Mail Acceptance Unit. The annual authorization fee (currently $160.00) is payable before the first mailing of each calendar year.

27. CHAPTER PROPERTY (Rev. October 2013)

The following Chapter property is owned by the Chapter and is the responsibility of the President. It is entrusted to the care of designated members for the period of time they hold their positions in the Chapter. The Chapter will pay to service and replace this property when necessary.

Chapter flag, American flag, and stands - Master at Arms

Glassware MOAA/Chapter inscription - President

PA sound system

            Epson PowerLite S5, LCD Projector, Serial Number JWUF791168L, with remote and video cable.

            Targus Wireless 2.4 GHz Presenter with Cursor Control (includes USB transmitter and remote).

            Elite Screen 85" Portable Tripod Projection Screen.


The following original basic documents are filed with the President, and copies are filed with the Secretary and as an annex to the Policy Book .

1. Original Articles of Incorporation: Retired Officers' Club of St. Petersburg, Florida, Inc., County of Pinellas, State of Florida, original certificate dated February 11, 1960; probated copy February 11, 1960: State of Florida Recognition, February 15, 1960; Corporate Charter No. 700438 (renewable each year by June 30).

2. Internal Revenue Service, Department. of US Treasury:

a. Employer Identification Number 56-6202290.

                        b. IRS Code 501 (c) (19), Veterans' Organization is tax exempt and does not have to file annual tax reports to the IRS unless the Chapter's assets exceed the dollar amount designated in IRS regulations (currently $25,000). The original letter conferring tax exempt status from the Department of the Treasury, dated May 27, 1976 is kept by the President with a copy held by the Secretary.

3. The Chapter became a TROA affiliate on October 18, 1960. The Charter certificate lists the names of all charter members.

4. The Chapter changed its name to the St. Petersburg Chapter, Military Officers Association of America on October 11, 2002. 

5. The Chapter changed its name to the St. Petersburg Area Chapter, Military Officers Association of America on April 5, 2006.


February 5, 2018


William R. Eichholz
Lieutenant Colonel, USA (Ret)
President, St. Petersburg Area Chapter, MOAA




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